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The Center for Polar and Deep Ocean Development (PDOD), Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), founded in June 2013, has built its strengthen on polar issues and deep seabed mining related subjects. Over the years, PDOD has established its excellence as a comprehensive academic research institute and policy advisory agency collaborating with multidisciplinary departments and research sources within and beyond SJTU, particularly in the fields related to marine sciences, marine technology, marine engineering, equipment and marine social sciences.

Specialized in international law of the sea, PDOD provides research outcomes and expertise on maritime strategy, law and policy for China ocean-related governmental agencies and marine industries. PDOD conducts commissioned projects for drafting and revising national marine laws and regulations, and makes proposals and suggestions for the safeguard of national marine rights and interests. PDOD has contributed to the improvement of national deep seabed mining law and marine related legal systems, and promotion of national maritime strategy.

PDOD has established collaborative partnerships with marine-related research institutions home and abroad, and conducted joint workshops regularly and research projects on latest issues and topics, including the Arctic climate change and its impact, Polar environmental protection, Arctic navigational rights and other legal issues. With a series of academic activities focusing on law of the sea, marine rights and strategy, resources conservation, and environmental protection, PDOD has produced great impact in the academic circle.

In August 2017, SJTU-PDOD became China’s first observer of International Seabed Authority. This observer status has made PDOD possible to participate and voice its views in the law-making process for the deep seabed mining. PDOD will strives to explore possible ways for non-governmental organizations to participate in global governance.

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Xue Guifang Shanghai Jia

Xue Guifang (Julia)

Liu Dan

Dan Liu
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Relevant Publications

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