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Ocean University of China (OUC) is a comprehensive university with particular strengths in oceanography, fisheries science and Polar science. Particularly, Polar research is a national specialty with great characteristics and also a distinguished major in China. OUC has the biggest and earliest team in mainland China, made up of six professors focusing on polar research. We established Polar Research Institute in 2007 in OUC and has been one of the most famous think tanks in China specializing at polar affairs, which has been officially recognized by Ministry of Education of the PRC.

OUC’s polar research mainly covers two key academic disciplines involving international relations and international law (law of the sea). Our colleagues go far ahead in Chinese publication related to polar issues. We initiated China-Russia Arctic Workshop in 2012 which has been institutionalized between China and Russia academia. We are the founder of International think tank “Polar and Ocean Portal” (www.polaroceanportal.com) attracting many a outstanding Arctic scholars around the world. Due to our school’s contribution, OUC became the first a university member of the Arctic University Alliance in China. Particularly, we are proud of creative work on fishery management regime for Central Arctic Ocean, which system design we proposed has been recognized by Arctic states colleagues. We hope to strengthen cooperation with colleagues from Chinese and Nordic entities commit to Polar issues.

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Dong Limin

Dr. Dong Limin
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Dong Limin

Dr. Dong Limin

Assistant Professor

Sun Kai OceanUniversity

Sun Kai

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