Nordic Institute of Asian Studies

Nordic Institute of Asian Studies (NIAS) is an academically independent Nordic research and resource center, focusing on modern Asia from a predominantly social sciences perspective. NIAS is an integrated part of the University of Copenhagen with the status of a centre under the Department of Political Science. Through the Nordic NIAS Council (NNC), in which leading Nordic universities and research institutions participate, NIAS organizes a well-functioning institutionalized cooperation that strengthens collaboration in the Nordic countries.

NIAS is more than a research institute. NIAS is also a resource centre containing a wide array of knowledge and skills, and with a broad network of contacts connecting people and institutions with expertise on Asia. Through conferences and workshops, accessible information resources, commentary on current affairs, and contact with media, government and businesses, we constantly seek to broaden knowledge of modern Asia in the Nordic region.

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Duncan McCargo

Duncan McCargo
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Duncan McCargo

Duncan McCargo