Polar Research Institute of China

Polar Research Institute of China (PRIC) founded in 1989, dedicates itself to the scientific research and logistic support for the polar expedition. The main functions of PRIC are 1) to conduct research of science, technology and strategic issues in the polar regions; 2) to undertake environments monitoring and conservation in the polar regions; 3) to operate research stations, vessels and aircrafts and provide logistic supports to Arctic/Antarctic research expeditions; 4) to carry out education and outreach of polar science and promote international cooperation.
The Division of polar strategic studies within PRIC, founded in 2009, takes the responsibilities of the tracing and analysis of the polar circumstances, and the research on the strategic issues in the domains of polar politics, economy, science & technology, as well as security. It shall provide advices for the national decision-making related to the Polar Regions and build the brand of an influential think-tank with regard to the polar strategic studies.

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Polar Research Institute of China | No. 451 Jinqiao Road | Pudong Shanghai 2000136 | China

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