Norwegian Polar Institute

The Norwegian Polar Institute (NPI) is active within fields of scientific research, mapping and environmental monitoring in the Arctic and Antarctic. The Institute advises Norwegian authorities in strategic and thematic matters relating to the Polar Regions, represents Norway internationally on various occasions and is Norway's competent environmental authority in Antarctica. NPI's key activities are monitoring of climate, environment pollutants and biodiversity and geological and topographic mapping.

NPI is a directorate under the Ministry of Environment. The Ministry defines the scope and sets the tasks for NPI. The organization has grown rapidly in recent years as part of the Norwegian Government's strategic initiatives in the High North. NPI represents Norway in several international forums and collaborates with research institutes all over the world. NPI's results are obtained through research and environmental monitoring projects are passed to civil administration, research partners, expert groups, schools and the general public. NPI produces and distributes exhibits, books, reports and a scientific journal, Polar Research, often in collaboration with domestic and foreign partners.

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