• Affiliated Organization: Shanghai Ocean University (SHOU)
  • Fields: Fisheries, Policy and Governance


Zou Leilei
Associated Professor at Shanghai Ocean University
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Other Information:

CNARC fellow 2016-2017

Visiting at: Fridtjof Nansen Institute, Norway
Period: 1 month
Research Theme: Non-Arctic States' contribution to the Arctic Ocean legal order-making for living resource management

Associate professor ZOU Leilei from Shanghai Ocean University, was granted the fellowship to conduct a one-month academic visit at Fridtjof Nansen Institute in Oslo, Norway from January to February, 2017. Based on the communications and interviews with scholars and institutions in terms of Norway’s Arctic policies on marine living resources and the Arctic cooperation of Norway.

Interdisciplinary educational background with dual-master degrees in English Language and TESOL as well as PhD in Protection and Control of Fisheries Environment; Involved actively in teaching and research in Policy-making for Marine Environment and Fisheries Management, with focused research interest in polar fisheries management and polar marine environmental protection; participating in various research projects concerning Antarctic marine living resources survey, Arctic indigenous, Arctic navigation, the Antarctic Treaty, and etc; working experience as a fisheries policy analyst at Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development; researching experience at Center for Oceans Law and Policy at Law School of University of Virginia; working as a competent interpreter at international conferences concerning marine science and technology.

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