Swedish Polar Research Secretariat

The Swedish Polar Research Secretariat is a government agency mandated to coordinate and promote Swedish polar research. Its primary mission is organizing and supporting research expeditions to the polar regions and managing research infrastructure. The Secretariat also helps to create favorable conditions for polar research that does not involve fieldwork. The Secretariat's about 30 employees are engaged in research planning, research infrastructure, communication and administration. The Secretariat follows and supports scientists from concept to publication, through research expeditions and data collection, as well as making data available and communicating research findings. In order to advance high quality polar research and use of research findings in society, the Secretariat provides expertise and raises awareness of polar regions and polar research. Polar research plays a key role in climate change research. The Secretariat works actively to improve environmental protection in the polar regions. The Secretariat is involved in international negotiations and partnerships.

Visit Swedish Polar Research Secretariat

Polar Research Institute of China | No. 451 Jinqiao Road | Pudong Shanghai 2000136 | China

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